We manufacture wide range of Lycra, Polyester /Viscose, Poly/Wool, 100% Cotton and Cotton blended fabrics. Polyester/Viscose & Polyester/Wool fabrics are manufactured out of the finest quality yarm in various weaves, weights and shades. All products are customized and developed depending on the customer’s tastes.

We use cutting edge technologies such as Air-Jet, Projectile And Rapier.Due to which our fabrics are in high demand in the markets of Europe, US, the Far East and Asia Pacific.

Shirting Suiting Bottom Wear
Fabric Design# SUI1401A
Fabric Design# SUI1402A
Fabric Design# SUI1403DD
Fabric Design# SUI1404EE
Fabric Design# SUI1407CC
Fabric Design# SUI1409EE
Fabric Design# SUI1408CC
Fabric Design# SUI1412AA