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Welcome to Banbury, a textile manufacturing company that was founded in 1998. We are proud to be a part of a USD 60 Million Group, with interests in diverse industries such as IT, Lighting, and Real Estate. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification highlights our focus on maintaining high-quality standards, and prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Our products are manufactured on high-speed Japanese looms, which ensures a seamless and efficient production process. We adhere to stringent quality standards and conduct thorough testing procedures, to ensure the longevity and quality of all our products.

Our management team is comprised of experienced professionals with over 150 years of combined experience in the textile manufacturing industry. We have successfully catered to over 250 satisfied customers in more than 40 countries across six continents.

At Banbury, we are committed to sustainability, and strive to maintain eco-friendly practices in our operations. We believe in fostering long-term relationships with our customers, based on trust, transparency, and excellence in all aspects of our business.

Textile Industry


We are proud to maintain two state-of-the-art fabric production facilities located in Maharashtra, India, and we take pride in the fact that we are able to cater to the textile needs of clients across the globe. Our weaving unit is located in Kolhapur, and we boast a robust production capacity of over 1.2 million meters per month. This translates to an annual production of 15 million meters, which demonstrates our unwavering commitment to achieving excellence in all aspects of fabric production.

Our Garment unit, located in Tarapur, is equally impressive, with a production capacity of 1.2M garments annually. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond just fabric production, and we are pleased to offer our clients the highest quality of products, within the agreed-upon time frames.

Our integrated approach to fashion is unique, and we believe that it sets us apart from our competitors. By allowing our clients to customize items as per their individual needs, we are able to ensure that they receive personalized attention that meets their unique requirements. Additionally, our quick lead times and customization capability ensure that our clients receive the exact product they require, in a timely manner.

At Banbury, we understand that the textile industry is a highly competitive and ever-evolving space, and we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to changing trends and market demands. By investing in state-of-the-art technology, machinery, and a highly skilled workforce, we are able to meet the needs of clients across the globe, while maintaining quality standards in all aspects of our business.


At Banbury, we believe in the power of creating world-class products that not only exude fashion but also care for the environment and the people involved in the supply chain and manufacturing processes. As a responsible organization, we are committed to improving the society and the environment in every possible way.

Our ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14000, and ISO 45001 certifications are a testament to our focus on quality, environmental responsibility, and health and safety in the workplace. We take pride in our facilities that are certified to manufacture and produce fabrics and garments that are sustainable and eco-friendly.

At Banbury, we recognize that our actions have an impact on the environment and society. Therefore, we continuously strive to adopt sustainable practices, reduce our carbon footprint, and ensure that our products are safe for the environment and the people involved in the supply chain.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility is reflected in our certifications and sustainable practices, making us a trusted partner for customers who prioritize sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices.

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Textile Industry


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